Captain Cook

This summer, our good friend Sandra and her boyfriend went to Bulgaria. We are very happy that they have shared their experiences with us. Maybe the next holiday destination for you?

Perhaps Bulgaria is not on your list of dream destinations. Every time Bulgaria is mentioned you think of Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, and many associate Bulgaria with crazy teens, parties and binge drinking – we didn’t know anything else prior to our trip!

We are lucky to have a Danish friend, who is originally from Bulgaria, and who goes there once a year for a whole month to visit her family. She was our private guide, which meant that we got to experience ‘the real’ Bulgaria such as: Shopska (tomato salad), the real meaning of feta cheese, Hotel Danton, “The Manpurse”, Balalaika, dark rum, met friendly locals, visited amazing beaches and ate at fantastic restaurants… Bulgaria is a great holiday destination at a very little cost!


We stayed at Hotel Danton in Varna by Kabakum Beach. It is a very simple hotel and every morning you wake up to the view of the Black Sea. They have the friendliest staff that took great care of us during our stay. (Approx. €25 pr. night, including breakfast)

Nearby we ate at ‘Captain Cook’ with a view overlooking the many boats in the harbour, where we also were introduced to the local caviare mousse. We visited the restaurant twice and found out that it is very popular for birthday celebrations. About 7 times during our two dinners the lights were turned off, the music turned up and people started to clap and sing…


We jetted off to Rapongi Beach – apparently the ‘it’ place to go. Went to the market Saint Konstantin and Elena – a great place for children.

Dinner at ‘Kopitoto’ with dancing and live music. The dancers danced on hot coal with whilst carrying the children – a ceremony against the ‘evil spirits’.


Kabakum Beach where we ate at ‘Padro Pizzeria’, which is in an old theatre, really nice. We then went to Planet Bar in Varna.

Rapongi Beach, Padro Pizzeria & Kopitoto

Rapongi Beachkapitoto

padro pizzeria


We ate at the local ‘Klas Barbecue’ – a really colourful place and creatively decorated interior. This was a real experience because of it’s quirkiness and great food.


The shopping here is not really my style, however I did find a cute par of sandals in one of the malls in town…

We went out to one of the town’s most popular places Xtravaganzza Club. Here you will experience a dance show where the girls dance to balalaika music. We could only get a standing table – that’s how popular it is! We found that the Bulgarian drink rum with cola on the side, so when we were mixing the two they found it utterly strange. Here we spent most of the night dancing to balalaika music, smoking, drinking pure rum and throwing with napkins – great!


We had dinner at ‘Parmy’ in Saint Konstantin, where we sat in a cosy back garden and had great food.


A stroll in Varna town and lunch at ‘Happy’ (here you will find any food that you can think of, burgers, sushi, salads… and it was actually quite good, a bit diner-ish).

We had dinner at Oasis in Golden Sand’s La Terrasse – a beautiful place and dinner was served on our very own terrace with ocean view. The food was actually not that great but the surroundings and the service made up for it. 

The restaurant is in the scenic area of Golden Sands and only 5 minutes from there you will find the crazy parties. This is far from what you will experience when you are at Oasis. Furthermore, the prices in the city centre are much higher than a bit outside of the city.


We needed a day of relaxing and casual wandering around in the more local areas.


When ended our trip with a luxury stay at Graffit Hotel – really, really wonderful!

Xtravaganzza & Graffit Hotel


Graffit Hotel

(Picture source – Sandra Kejlskov for Travel Habit)