We want to introduce our first Travel Habit interview with Danish multi-artist as well as CEO and founder of Sasé skincare line.

Saseline lives in Copenhagen but through her job she travels a lot. We have been able to pin her down to give us a short interview on what travelling means to her.

Name your top 3 holiday destinations?

Maldives, New York & Australia

Where is your next trip taking you and why?

Next stop will be Thailand and Malaysia later this month.. I’m going to visit my family in Malaysia – going back to my old village where I was born on the floor in my grandmother’s house. I have a lot of cousins I haven’t seen in a couple of years. After visiting 5 days, I’m flying to Bangkok to visit the lab, where my skincare products are produced and then working on some new products to add to my skincare line…

What are your top 3 travel tips?

Have an open mind… I love visiting new places I’ve never been, to experience and explore rites of life. It’s so different how people grow up with different cultures and beliefs… I love that. So having an open mind, understanding their ways of living is important. Nothing is the same anywhere, as soon as you jump on a plane to visit new territories and thank God for that…. The diversity makes the world so interesting!

I always carry a disinfecting gel in my bag when travelling – You never know what kind of bacteria you are carrying around that can make you sick… Better to be safe than sorry.

Try to travel to a new place at least once a year instead of always going back to the same destination, because it feels safe. The world is everyone’s playground, go play;)

The best hotel you have ever stayed at and why?

Ohhhh, I’ve spent half my life travelling around the world. And I’ve stayed in a lot of top hotels – I can’t choose one… And it’s not necessarily the 5 star hotels which are the best, sometimes it’s the warmth and charm that makes a hotel ‘the best’….

Where would your ultimate travel destination be and what would you do there?

I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives and now I’ve been. I still haven’t seen South America, only few places and would love to explore that much more. Just like I haven’t seen enough of Africa. I love Asia, New Zealand, US and Europe… Its hard picking one ultimate destination, when you’re a world-traveller;) So to pick my next dream destination, it’s either going to be a safari in Africa or the Carnival in Rio Janeiro…

In one sentence, why is travelling important to you?

I feel ALIVE when I see the world – Living is travelling !!! I don’t own anything expensive, spent all my money travelling ;) and will probably always do that as long as I live.

Interview by Travel Habit / May 2013

If you want to know more about Saseline and follow her on her journey around the world – then follow her on her blog