Travel Habit - Koh Samui 2014

I have visited Koh Samui a couple of times, with a gap of 5 years between them. There is no doubt that this island has become one of the main tourist attractions of Thailand. The amount of new development, resorts, shops and restaurants that have emerged since I was there last (where I then also found the place to be vigorously developed) is unbelievable. However, with this said it doesn’t mean that you can’t experience beautiful nature or have a relaxing and authentic stay.


We stayed at The Scent Hotel, which is a small boutique hotel near Fisherman’s Village. The hotel was lovely, quite and cute with a decor leaping back to the styles of Colonial time, referencing to French influence by reflecting the Indochina heritage. The hotel has a central courtyard with an opening which looks over the sea. With only 14 guest rooms your stay will not be an overcrowded and disturbed one, you won’t have to worry about big open pool areas with kids running around. It was mostly couples who stayed at the hotel (Scandinavian and Asian), however there was a family with children (4 and 8 years I would think) who stayed there and also enjoyed it, not being an overcrowded or hectic scene. The staff and hotel services were great and everyone spoke English and very helpful with any requests we had. The only negative thing is the hotel is situated off a main road and not down a long beautiful driveway, which you will find many resorts feature on the island. Nevertheless it was quite, tranquil and relaxing – just what we needed! And also I loved the interior details, of not being too modern or high tech and actually rather rustic using materials which patinate beautifully over time, making it very personal and filled with character.

Travel Habit - Koh Samui 2014

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The Scent Hotel, Koh Samui


Koh Samui has a lot to offer if you are not into dozing off in the sun all day reading a book. The island has great mountain views with waterfalls and trekking routes. From the harbour, boats depart daily to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao enabling you to mix up the scenery, or go scuba diving and snorkeling. Even though you are staying at a resort then don’t feel that you should be confined within its walls, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to go to (off course)

Travel Habit - Koh Samui 2014

Travel Habit - Koh Samui 2014

Travel Habit - Koh Samui 2014

Chameng Beach, Waterfall and mountain walk, iconic longtail boats by Big Buddha

Fishermans Village is very small and cute and has one main street running parallel with the sea side offering many great seafood restaurants, which sit perfectly on the beach. European style bars and menus are also to be found for those in need of dairy, cheese, spaghetti or a burger (I guess they can’t be disregarded, as people who travel to the other side of the world, to eat the same food as they do at home, are also to be catered for  – sigh!)

Chaweng Beach is much bigger and busier, filled with bars and restaurants (here more of the European ones, unfortunately) and if you are into your island style clothing and gear, less than real watches and imitated designer bags, then this is the place for you! You will find a lot more and it is always fun to wander around and soak up the hectic atmosphere. Go in the evening as more vendors will be open.

Lamai Beach I didn’t visit this time but was there 5 years ago and I remember it being more prone to offering the well known ‘gogo’ style bar. I don’t need to write why I didn’t visit this area again! BUT during the day it is actually a good place to stop off and grab a bite or browns a few shops, it is a small town with a small town charm, just by the beach.

Samui is a great island but it is unfortunately slightly too touristy, however you will find some of Thailand’s most wonderful and stunning resorts and if you come here to purely relax, the calm and beautiful surrounding within a luxurious resort, will definitely make your stay well worth while.

Travel Habit - Koh Samui 2014

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Travel Habit - Koh Samui 2014

Beach by Six Senses Samui, NYE fireworks & coconut break at Fisherman’s Village

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