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"Windy Welly" aka Wellington - New Zealand's capital!

“Windy Welly” aka Wellington – New Zealand’s capital!

Located at the southern tip of New Zealand’s North Island, Wellington is situated on a magnificent harbour and hemmed in by steep hills. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and the world’s most southern capital city. Given the relatively small population (only approx. 200,000 people live here!), there is a great number of quality restaurants, cafés, bars,...
Kia Ora! New Zealand South Island and Wellington

Kia Ora! New Zealand South Island and Wellington

Kia Ora is a Māori language greeting, which actually means “be well” or “healthy”, but is translated as an informal “hi”! Travelling in New Zealand you will be met with this “kiwi” greeting often – and I’m sure you will enjoy it every time! New Zealand has a spectacularly beautiful landscape, which includes mountains, steaming volcanoes, sweeping coastlines, deeply indented fiords, rain...