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A picture story from El Born, Barcelona

A picture story from El Born, Barcelona

Our Norwegian friend, Iselin Riise Lunde (29) has sent us a post about her stay in Barcelona’s most charming area, El Born. Iselin is currently living in Copenhagen, where she works as a Spatial Designer. In July 2012, I spent a week in Barcelona with my boyfriend. I visited the city around seven years ago with my family...
Take me there...Café Kafka, Barcelona

Take me there…Café Kafka, Barcelona

Found this great restaurant/bar in Barcelona, in the area of El Born. I must admit the interior in this place is soo cosy and inviting – With it’s many different pendants extended from the high ceilings, the mixed and colourful chairs, books naturally stacked within the walls and the ‘Cuban-isk’ bar, which gives a bohemian...
Chic & Basic Hotel

Chic & Basic Hotel

There have been a few posts about Barcelona over the last couple of weeks and here is another one:) Chic & Basic hotel is an affordable hotel chain, the one featured here is situated in the cool area of BORN in Barcelona – I think the interior here is beautiful and simple, check it our...
Barcelona - Bar[th]elona

Barcelona – Bar[th]elona

Visit this amazing beach side city! There are many great attractions to fill your day up with when in Barcelona. I have been to the city a couple of times and know that I will visit again! I always have a great time and get impressed by the beauty, diversity and energy that it offers. My favourite...
Picture Perfect BARCELONA

Picture Perfect BARCELONA

Just came back from a 3 day trip to Barcelona. Will write a little guide for you, but for now here is a little picture medley for you to enjoy:)   ( picture source – Travel Habit )