What do you do when your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked, and your airline company claims it has no responsibility? You grab your phone and make sure you get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

– Most airline passengers probably know how it feels when you are ready for take off: luggage packed, tickets ready, holiday within reach, and all of a sudden your flight is not there. You get frustrated because basically you have not received what you have paid for. Unfortunately, most passengers are not aware that under such circumstances they are often entitled to compensation from their airline company, says Henrik Zillmer, CEO of the online service AirHelp, which helps passengers get their rightful compensation.

AirHelp has now launched an app for both Android and IPhone, which makes it a lot easier for passengers to get their rightful compensation. The app lets passengers send all the necessary information directly to AirHelp while still standing at the airport. From that moment, AirHelp handles all the dialogue with the airline company and through large amounts of data on flight traffic and weatherpatterns, AirHelp handles the passenger’s claim.

– The problem is often that for most passengers the rules can be difficult to figure out. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing that many passengers do not receive the correct information from their airline companies when claiming compensation, says Henrik Zillmer.

It is because of EU regulation that passengers are ensured to compensation up to 600 € if they have experienced delays over 3 hours, cancelled flight or been denied boarding dating 3 to 6 years back depending on which country the flight departed from.

Since January 2013, AirHelp has helped more than 4,500 passengers. AirHelp was founded because most passengers who contact the airline companies themselves have their claims rejected even though they have a right for compensation. Today, only 1 out of 200 passengers entitled to compensation get what is rightfully theirs.

For further information on AirHelp, reports, statistics and the current EU regulations, please keep reading.

About AirHelp

AirHelp is a legal online service that helps passengers flying to and from the EU get compensation from airlines when their flights are delayed, canceled or overbooked.
AirHelp handles the application for compensation and

In short, AirHelp

· Assumes all claims on behalf of affected passengers.

· Takes care of all communication with the airline company.

· Synchronizes passenger’s itinerary with air data, weather data and airport data to uncover the compensation eligibility.

· Only receives a fee of 25 % (incl. VAT) to cover their own costs if the passenger is awarded compensation.

Statistics and figures

· 750 million passengers flying and out of Europe per year

· 20 million passengers are affected by cancellations, delays or overbooked flights each year

· Less than 0.5% of the delayed passengers seek compensation

· Less than 0.01% of the delayed passengers receive compensation as a result of an application

· The average compensation per successful case is 400 €

Rules and surveys

EU regulation

EU Regulation no. 261/2004, defines the rights for air travelers who are experiencing cancellations, delays or overbooking. The Act includes flights within the EU, from an EU country, or flights that arrive to a European country with a European airline. The law also applies to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. As a passenger, you are entitled to compensation if your arrival to the final destination is more than 3 hours late. This includes, of course, cancellations or bookings. The passenger, however, is not entitled to compensation if the delay is caused by circumstances beyond the airline’s control. This means weather conditions, strikes, security and terrorism.

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