IMG_1281Luckily it’s not all about the sports at Club La Santa…! Above, the pool and relaxation area. Picture source – Travel Habit, January 2014

“Club La Santa, La Santa, La Santa Sport. Everybody loves to go…” I have somewhat missed the refrain of the “La Santa song” which is palyed on the bus once approaching the resort… Let the active holiday begin!

Just came back after a week at Lanzarote, Spain. Stayed at Club La Santa, a resort where you can truely enjoy an active lifestyle. I’ve been here many times before and it’s always nice to be back. Once the holiday is paid, you have free access to a wide range of sport facilities, such as tennis, badminton, spinning, yoga, pilates, olympic pool area, wind surfing, beach volley, etc. etc. Luckily there are great relaxation areas as well, including the big pool and wellness area…

Club La Santa includes 391 apartments, all basically and functionally furnished. At the moment the resort is extenting with 96 new apartments facing the lagoon. Book your next active holiday here (Danish site here)!

Club La Santa was created with the dream of being the world’s best playground for active people. Most sports are included in the accommodation prices so everybody can enjoy the facilities, group classes and entertainment free of charge. (…) Come to Lanzarote and enjoy the Club La Santa Lifestyle! It’s the perfect sports holiday and active holiday destination where you can do as much as you want, whenever you want, and with expert help on hand if you need it.


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Picture source – Travel Habit, January 2014