(photographer: Pernille Ringsing@ www.ringsing.dk)

Travel Habit came to life during a walk on Manly Beach in December 2011. We thought: YES, we love to travel and between the two of us we have lived and seen a lot of places. We are not travel agents, professional explorers, nomads or travel journalists – we just love to travel!

So this is our new journey! We aim to share exciting, practical and fun “insider” information based on our own experiences, which you can read and use before or during a trip. Hopefully you will find the information useful – and get inspired to your next trip!

Although we would love to, we don’t travel every week and can not cover all destinations. We therefore also invite friends and family to share their stories and tips (these blog posts will be labelled “Postcard From”).

When we blog, we aim to use our own pictures (if not, this will be specifically stated). Destinations, hotels, restaurants etc. are chosen by us and we receive no sponsorships.

If you have any comments or questions about any of the destinations featured, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@travelhabit.dk.

Bon Voyage!

Benedicte & Pernille


Pernille Lind (31)

Is half Danish, half Thai and grew up in Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Denmark. When she graduated high school, Pernille moved to London where she lived for 6 years while studying. After receiving a BA Degree in Interior Design in 2007, Pernille moved back to Copenhagen and graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Design in 2010 with a MA Degree in Spatial & Furniture Design. After working as an Interior Designer for two years in Copenhagen, Pernille has moved back to London and is now working at a London based design studio.

Travelling is something I’ve done my whole life through my upbringing and later in my adult life. It has always been one of the most important aspects, which influences my thoughts, happiness and personal values. It gives me a sense of freedom to know that I can pack a bag and venture out into the world and not know what will happen, whom I’ll meet and what I’ll see.

Benedicte von Haffner (31)

Is from Denmark and grew up north of Copenhagen and later moved into the city to study at Copenhagen Business School. While studying for her MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law, she also lived in Stockholm for a semester. Benedicte works as a tax consultant in an international accounting firm and has just returned, in the Summer 2012, from Sydney where she was seconded to the Sydney office for two years. Today she lives and works in Copenhagen.

Travelling has been an absolute priority for me for many years. I have learned that escaping the stress of the everyday life and exploring the world is something that I just cannot live without! Being exposed to different cultures and learning about their diversity give me energy and pleasure. I always have a new trip planned – just works better for me to have something to look forward to!